May 10, 2013

I Love Love Love Enthusiastic Sports Fans

From Jill, who appreciates a sports enthusiast because she needs to make new memories, people: 
I don’t care about sports but I love when the guys that I date do. Sports = guaranteed free time away from my boo. Hockey and baseball can be tricky because there seems to be a game on like every day. Still, I’d rather he watch the games with his friends, so he's not all up in my business.  
Football is the best because it’s a whole day of not hanging out with each other after brunch. I used to date this guy who always watched the Steelers game with his fellow Pittsburghians every Sunday. It was perfect. I could do whatever I wanted with my friends and then meet up with him later for smooches.  
I am aware that relationships are not prisons and regardless of my boyfriend’s sports preferences I am allowed to do whatever I want when I want but it’s a lot easier to gracefully get some alone time when a guy has his own interests or hobbies. A boyfriend who enjoys an activity that I don’t allows us to be separate without anyone getting their feelings hurt or insecurities stoked by a, “Meh, I’d rather not.”  
In college, I had an (admittedly) clingy boyfriend who took three of the same classes as me and we drove to and from school together every day. He would pout when I didn’t want to come inside and watch "The Simpsons" together.  
I finally broke down and yelled, “I need to make new memories!” Plus, if each one of you has your own interests, you can have interesting conversations and learn new things. For example, with the Pittsburgh ex, I learned a lot about the Steelers and football and he learned a lot about “America’s Next Top Model” and Tyra Banks. Disparate interests keep the love alive.


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