June 11, 2013

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Are Great Wedding Dates

Once you get to a certain age, it feels like all of your friends are constantly getting married. Especially during "wedding season", where for a few months it will seem like you’re hitting up a wedding every weekend. Life is just one long weddingish blur full of save-the-dates, Crate & Barrel registries, and hoping my one pair of decent pantyhose doesn't get a run somewhere highly visible.

Don’t get me wrong. I love weddings. I'll use any excuse to get dressed up, dance and take advantage of an open bar. However, as a single girl in her late twenties, shit can be rough.

No matter how comfortable you are in your single status, the constant barrage of “why aren’t you married?” questions coupled with the blatant setups with the bride’s step-brother is a lot to take. It doesn't help matters when you're placed at the “singles” table that can include anyone from the family accountant to a random 15-year-old cousin with a mild case of Aspergers. It can drive any girl to pull a Walder Frey on the joint.

This is where your best guy friend, favorite hilarious co-worker or platonic tailgating buddy comes into play. Not only is your great wedding date drama-free, but he even has his own car (for out-of-town weddings).

He's basically if you Weird Science'd yourself a companion. Like, if you just opened up your computer and dumped in a gif of Paul Rudd dancing, an article about Ryan Gosling saving a pedestrian from danger, a video of Patrick Stewart giving an inspirational speech and dumped a dirty martini over the whole thing, he's what would pop out of your laptop.

Less Bea Arthur's bathrobe and more fitted tux, but basically yeah
Here are some more telltale signs that your date rocks at celebrating marital bliss:
  • He looks damn good in a suit/tux. 
  • He dances. Period. 
  • He transitions smoothly from fake boyfriend to wingman depending on the audience. (i.e. your grandmother vs the hot best man) 
  • He's an expert iPhone photographer. #selfies
  • He keeps your glass full of whiskey or other beverage of choice. 
  • He covers for you when you hide in the bathroom during the bouquet toss. 
  • He helps you steal extra slices of wedding cake and doesn’t judge you when you eat four of them. 
  • He gives you pep talks out the wahzoo if you have any flickering moments of self-doubt. "Does this dress look good?" "Shut up, you look great. Now let's go dance more. They're playing Kool & the Gang!" 
  • He offers you a tissue from his suit pocket when you mist up during any particularly touching speeches. 
Great wedding dates save you from what could have been a disastrous evening and help you focus on what you came for in the first place, to celebrate your friend’s marriage. Well, that and the free booze. Cheers to great wedding dates!


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