July 22, 2013

Cancel My Plans: I'm Obsessed With a New Dating App For Women Called Lulu

My best friend told me about Lulu yesterday and I haven't been able to pry my eyes away since I've downloaded it. Here's how it works: you grab the free app from the Apple store, sign in with your Facebook info and sit back and watch as your dude friends are anonymously rated for their dating behavior. It's hilarious. It's addictive. It's hilarictive!

Oooh, a logo that looks like a sugary cocktail. I'm in!
For the most part, I'd say that the anonymous reviews I've seen have been on-point. They call out the players, the party hounds, and the drunks. They also give tons of love to popular dudebros who've been on the scene since the '90s so they know everyone in town and they're basically like everyone's older brother. And the best part? Guys can't see the ratings on their profiles! It's for ladies' eyes (er, phone screens) only! Is he a cheater? Or a slob? Or a cool guy that'll cook you breakfast in the morning? This app will let you know.

So far my favorite hashtags to rate boys' best qualities are:
  • #SexualPanther
  • #DancesLikeMJ
  • #DoesHisOwnLaundry
  • #PerfectGrammar
  • #Manscaped
  • #CanBuildFires
  • #WillSeeRomComs
And my favorite for his worst qualities:
  • #FartMachine
  • #GoneByMorning
  • #TemperTantrums
  • #World'sWorstMassages
  • #ManChild
  • #OwnsCrocs
  • #CheaperThanABigMac
  • #AirGuitarist
Do you use Lulu? What do you think of it? Tell me in the comments!

 *Please note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I wasn't paid for promoting this app in any way. I thought you guys would get a kick out of it and I hope you do.


Rita Von said...

Well thanks, this is just the distraction I did not need. :-P

LKB said...

File under Things I Shouldn't Have Read Until After 5 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem very fair at all - "Guys can't see the ratings on their profiles!" and I'm a woman saying that. I know more shady women than men any day.

Anna said...

Well, try the app and tell me what you think of it. I thought it sounded more nefarious at first, but after scrolling through it, I think it's in mostly good-natured fun.

Anonymous said...

Without consent, nothing is good-natured fun.

Anonymous said...

Good-natured fun? For all the feminist material you post on here, Anna, I'd think you'd be much more sympathetic to the fact that this app is a nonconsensual violation of privacy.

Just reverse the concept and tell me how you feel about it. Would you be comfortable knowing that there might be a dating profile with your name, photos and information on it for which you never granted permission that people rate? You can't have it both ways, Anna...

Anna said...

Have you used the app? It's pretty much using men's pictures that they've agreed to make public as their FB photo and having their friends rate them on pretty benign stuff. It's basically a high-tech version of locker room talk.

Newsflash: People are allowed to talk about other people. It's not invading guys' privacy because it uses photos and information that they've already volunteered! It's not like the app is breaking into their cell phones or computers and posting photos of them without their consent. THAT would be invading their privacy.

And, for the record, feminism to me means that women are treated as equals to men. It's pretty cut and dry. If men had a site where they rated my photos that I've made public anonymously, I wouldn't really care because guess what? It's already happened to me on several messageboards. People tore me apart but what are you gonna do? People talk about people. It's not illegal!

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would #airguitarist be a bad quality?!

Kicky Sam said...

If guys really want to see what people are saying, they can. Its not hard to find a female friend and ask her to look...or if you are really desperate, make a fake fb account and download the app

Kicky Sam said...

GOOD LORD I'm wrong. They can smell a fake account apparently. I guess there is no recourse. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

All the guys I saw on there are in there very early 20s. I'm 26, how do I find guys my age and older?

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