March 3, 2008

Boyz in the Hood: West Philly Vegan Bike Punk

this guy will drag you to some random party/potluck/spoken word/folk show in an abandoned warehouse where you have to enter the building through an art installation shaped as a human vagina.

this guy will also try to convert you to his hardline stance on politics and get visibly angry if you disagree slightly with any parts of his argument. it will escalate to the point where you will be so turned off by his approach that it actually makes the other side seem reasonable. you will be shocked to find yourself thinking thoughts by the end of the night such as, "maybe apartheid is a good idea after all" or, "maybe the homeless should be rounded up and shot by a firing squad." and the collective smell of so much concentrated west philly b.o. will make you gag on your free tempeh salad.

oh, and have fun finding a cab under $20 from west philly to the bar where all of your friends are actually hanging out. Good luck with that. - anna

West Philly Vegan Bike Punk


Anonymous said...

duh, wrong leg. have you ever ridden a bike? get your head out of your ass

Anna said...

Hey, Silly!

Sorry I got such a minor detail wrong. I hope it didn't ruin your Shmitten Kitten experience.

I only ever ride my bike in miniskirts and short shorts. If I do choose to wear pants, I've never had the issue of it catching on the chain. I will claim ignorance on that issue.

Well, if the only inaccuracy you pointed out is which pant leg is drawn correctly, then I am to assume that all the other factoids I spewed were true to life. Yay for me.

Smiles and such,

gr said...

I clicked to point out the same thing as Anonymous there (because I think the whole pant rolling thing looks totally absurd and stupid, especially in the winter, especially where I come from that's a gang symbol), decided before I got to the tab in the web browser there was no way it wouldn't sound petty... and then discovered it could, in fact, sound MORE petty. So it goes:

Raised By Bees said...

I too only ride bikes while wearing a dress. Thanks for the fun worktime reading.

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