May 20, 2008

Reader Submission: The Suburban

Thanks, Elaine, for this awesome submission. In particular, I love the Pete Wentz reference because I'm a closet mallpunk.

I feel like this is total "first boyfriend" material right here. When you look back over your yearbook and see his dorky piercings memorialized in his portrait, you can't believe 1) that you ever found this guy hot and 2) that you were practically suicidal when he dumped you to date some lame freshman. You'll be like, "this is the guy I cried myself to sleep over for an entire summer? What the hell was I thinking?"

This guy will also think that hanging out at a diner constitutes an actual date and he'll always insist on splitting the bill. However, being the Suburban, we know that his parents have a sweet house with a comfy couch, a huge television, and a fully-stocked pantry that always made his offer to "just stay in and watch a movie" so damn appealing.

the suburban


La Raging Panda said...

wow. i know this guy. i know him WAY too well.

lady.shiv said...

why are all the pictures cut off? can't read half the funny!

Anna said...

Hmmm. It might be your browser settings.

Email me if you continue to have trouble and let's see if we can help you out.


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure i dated that guy. oh wait.. i'm pretty sure we ALL dated that guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey I think your stuff might be getting cut off because you don't have the width of the browser window expanded all the way. It was happening to me too and I just realized how to fix it, for me anyways. It was because I shady read this blog while I'm at work and I don't want my boss to see me playing online!! :) Hope it works for ya.

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