September 22, 2008

Drawn Dudes: Art School Alumnus

I have a soft spot for this guy. I really do. Before I go into the pitfalls of dating an art school graduate, let me just tell you the awesome things about him. For one thing, he will make you the best birthday cards ever. They will be hand silk screened with cute animals sketched on it saying sweet things. These are the kinds of cards that you will tuck away in a shoebox in the attic at your parents' house.

He also has great taste in music. The Smiths, Blur, and Pulp are on constant rotation in his car. Sorted! is his aural catnip. And, this guy will dress impeccably. Yes, most of it will be off the rack from H&M, but he totally makes it work. When he wears an argyle sweater with matching socks, it'll almost make you forget that he still lives in his parents' basement.

Ouch! So we barely made it through three things that this guy rules at before we got to the hitches. If you happen to land the rare breed of self-supporting art student graduate get ready: he will have scratchy bedding from Ikea and chipped dishes from Urban Outfitters. Guaranteed. It's like they hand 'em out at graduation.

I love you, art school alumnus, I really do. But, it's not you, it's me. I just really need to be with someone who has their shit together. And, you know, doesn't work at the same place he worked at in high school. And with those four sentences, I have just secured myself as their muse for the next five months as they get over our breakup.


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