September 22, 2008

Drawn Dudes: Philly Guy Who Would Rather Live In LA or NYC

This guy is a bit of a handful. It's like he has taken on all of the worst qualities about guys that live in LA and guys that live in NYC. But, he lives here. In Philly.

Let's break it down. On the LA side, he's:
  • Flaky
  • Self-absorbed
  • Super concerned with his image
On the NYC side;
  • He's obsessed with going to some mythical amazing party across town (that is a $12 cab ride and isn't actually that fun once you get there)
  • He's easily impressed with people's credentials
  • He is overly concerned with fashion labels
He's super self-conscious and always fixes his hair. He refuses to eat because he likes being a size 29 and loves to gossip. But, if you see him out at a party and he's in a good mood and you're wearing a really cute outfit, he'll shower you with hugs and kisses like you've known each other your whole lives. He might even pose with you for a party pic, sucking in his cheeks just slightly.

In conclusion, he's no fun in daylight, and all fun during the nighttime.


Anita said...

I live in NYC but am from Philly. This is hilarious. I wonder what the girl version would look like?

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