September 15, 2008

This Week: First Date EVER

Maybe it's how the leaves are just beginning to change color or how we're writing September on all of our checks, but the coming of autumn makes us sentimental for our youth. You know, attending school dances and football games. Oh wait, that didn't happen to me; I think I'm getting my childhood confused with an episode of Dawson's Creek. Regardless, autumn is a time for snuggling and apple-picking and rosy red cheeks and it's making us feel like cracking open our old yearbooks and re-living the past.

So, we're going to fire up the ol' time machine and travel way, way back to our first dates ever. Oh man. We were so young, so innocent, and so totally nerve-wracked. The whole act of a first date is freakin' terrible. Waiting for him to show up, making small talk, having sweaty hands, the anxiety of saying goodnight; I'm stressed out just thinking about it. Thank god you can only go on your first date ever just once.

Do you have any funny first date stories? Drop a line to and share the awkwardness. We can relate.


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