September 24, 2008

Yay! The Citypaper Gives Us Some Love

A huge thanks goes out to the Monica Weymouth and the Citypaper, who bestowed us with a Choice Award for "Best Girl Talk Session If Your Girls Aren't Available." This is awesome! Check it out:

Sweeeeeet. Well, I guess we should share this award with all the Philly dudes we love to rag on. We honestly couldn't have done this site without you. So, good Sirs, will you join us in raising a glass to your unparalleled ability to disappoint and frustrate us? Regardless of your perceived and documented faults, we still love you. Except when we don't.

*Clinks glass and takes a huge gulp.


Attia Taylor said...

Congrats guys! You deserve it! Seriously! Thanks for spreading your oh-so entertaining knowledge and stories!

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