October 3, 2008

The Change Up: Mr. Anime-zing

I grew up with two older brothers, which means I read tons of comic books and have an unhealthy attachment to Batman--don't even get me started. It also means I've got a serious soft spot for nerdy guys with a little bit of a dark side.

I met Mr. Anime-zing through mutual friends. He was in a band and shared my love for Bruce Wayne. We clicked instantly and ended up back at his parent's place, where I got to view his secret stash--of anime. Tons of it. This dude wanted to listen to the Naruto soundtrack while we made out. He was a pretty chill guy, so I went with it, doing research on the weekends so I'd seem like I knew what I was talking about. This fling lasted a year, and my life became overtaken. I was even thinking about getting an anime tattoo--a half-sleeve of my psuedo-devotion.

When we broke up, I quickly weaned myself off of all the Japanimation, and returned to my first love. I've learned my lesson, and from now on, I'm scouting for potential men at Batman premieres and behind Batsuit costumes on Halloween.


Nick Black said...

where do you find these guys? lol

Anonymous said...

Apperantly anyone is insanly intresting if you are a girl from Salas.

Jk Robin. I still think you should be Batman for Halloween.


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