November 30, 2008

The Dandy: Lord Whimsy

Why He's Hot: Lordy Whimsy can single-handedly class up a joint. Just his presence alone can turn an intimate gathering into an event. He has impeccable style, but you knew that already. When he's not documenting his adventures on his online journal, he is probably in his garden, gingerly tending to his many botanicals. We bet he has the most amazing things in his pockets. Like, magical things we didn't even know existed! We wouldn't be surprised to learn that he can communicate with animals or that he has a unicorn in a stable back at his cottage.

Why You Should Vote For Him
: Because Johnny Depp is buying the film rights to his book The Affected Provincial's Companion and will play him in the film. AND, he shares a tailor with both Crispin Glover and Nick Cave. Clearly, the world is a lovelier, dandier place with him in it.


RD said...

As much as I love this man I'm fairly sure he doesn't actually live in Philly. And really -- I love this man. He's so cute!

Anna said...

You know, I think you are totally right on that technicality. I was gonna call it "Philadelphia's Tri-State Area's Sexiest Dudes Alive" but it got kinda bulky.

But, yes, you are right. I will still claim him as one of Philly's own cause I don't feel like finding another dandy to fill his spot on the list.


Sarah said...

He has my vote!

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