November 30, 2008

The Professional Party Starter: Sean Agnew

Why He's Hot: As the main dude behind R5 Productions, Sean Agnew has been turning heads for years. Every girl in Philly can be divided into one of three categories: 1) Those who have made out with Sean 2) Those who want to make out with Sean and 3) Those who say they don't want to make out with Sean, but would actually do it if given the opportunity. This guy is such a babe magnet, there is a blog dedicated to stalking him. Wow! This guy can grow his beard to Rumpelstiltskin status while dressing like a homeless man and still look good. We think that's amazing.

Why You Should Vote For Him
: He's doing it for the kids, by the kids. And, he doesn't have any kids of his own! (Well, that he knows about anyway.)


joel said...

sean has my vote and I'm a dude.

nichole said...
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Jake Kaminsky said...

Could you add Joe Gervasi from Exhumed Films? He's like Sean Agnew for fat dudes. They both seem to have a revolving door lady-policy and dress like they're way younger than they are. But where Agnew's promotion of Pitchfork pop bands brings in the teens, Gervasi attracts hordes of horror nerds with Exhumed's double features and horrorthons. Also, Dan Fraga is a fox!

Anna said...

Hey Jake!

I can't add anyone because the vote is already underway and it ends tomorrow. But, we appreciate your enthusiasm!


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