November 30, 2008

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle: Mambo Movers (Yes, The Whole Company)

Why They're Hot: In a radical move, we have included the entire company in one single entry. You know why? Mambo Mover dudes come in all shapes and sizes; short and tall; fat and skinny; rocker and deejay; and, most compellingly, cute and cuter. It's like nominating a box of chocolates for best candy of the year. How can you pick just one? Besides, we like how their motto is "strong and fast, yet gentle and careful." Yeah, um, we'll leave it at that.

Why You Should Vote For Them: Because chances are that you will need them at some point in the near future and, chances are, they will promptly return your phone call. And, did we mention the part about their motto? Since when has a company motto doubled as a wedding vow?


Rachel said...

Ladies, you haven't lived until a Mambo Mover has carried you around on his back like a sexy armoire.

loey said...
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