November 30, 2008

The Golden God: TV's John Atwater

Why He's Hot: Fox 29 reporter John Atwater is clearly the hottest news talent in town (Sorry, Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz!). We're shocked Orbit hasn't contracted him yet to work as a spokesman because every time he smiles, a sparkle shines from his glistening white teeth.

Why You Should Vote For Him: Could you imagine how psyched your mom would be if you brought this guy home for the holidays? Her whole office would be buzzing about it for weeks.


Benjamin Gilbert said...

This dude looks like a total douche. Just sayin' is all. :)

Anna said...

Actually, John is one of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He's one of my closest friends. I can personally guarantee that he is NOT a douche.


Sarah said...

John's hot. He has my vote.

Raised By Bees said...

He could be Philly's Anderson Cooper.

Hannah Miller said...

Don't even insult this man by comparing him to Cooper. He's a knife....yow!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure John is a nice guy, but my heart still throbs for the Hurricane. *wistful sigh*

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