November 30, 2008

And The Nominees Are...

Well, it was tough. We were flooded with nominations and had the difficult task of narrowing it down. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions. If this post were a movie, right now we'd show you a montage reel of us leafing through submitted head shots and debating the finer points of each candidate. We'd be drinking coffee into the wee hours of the morning, too wired to sleep, determined to get this right. All this just to bring you Philly's Sexiest Dude Alive!

We feel that these dudes all exemplify the perfect Philly man; they embody the spirit of the city. They each have worked to make this town a radder place for all of us. And for that, we thank them. It also helps that they all are total lookers.

I know we said that we'd pick a top 5, but we had a hard time narrowing it down. So, we agreed on a top 6. Be sure to vote for your favorite one in the poll at the top of the page. Voting goes until Friday when we will crown the winner. [Edit: Due to increased interest, we've extended the voting time until noon on Monday, Dec. 8th.] But really, all these guys are winners to us.

Alright, let's meet the fellas.


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