December 8, 2008

I Won Shmitten Kitten's First Annual "Philly's Sexiest Dude ALIVE!" Contest And All I Got Was This Lousy Post?

Well, that's not entirely true; we also made a graphic for you too. But, more importantly, Mambo Movers, you've won our LOVE! After a fierce campaign, the manly moving company have ultimately triumphed by bringing in 37% of the vote. Their ability to move your ratty loveseat down (and up) three flights of stairs whilst simultaneously inviting you to their upcoming dj night at The Lost Bar has certainly made an impression on you guys. Congrats on your win, fellas!

Thanks to everyone who voted. And, a heaping thanks goes out to the other five competitors. You've all been terrific sports about the whole thing. Except the Phanatic. (Just between us, he's been kind of a dick about it.)

Speaking of us, we are going to celebrate! Maybe pop some champagne. Maybe high-five everyone in our immediate vicinity. Maybe throw on some Bruce and see who wants to join us in a feel good sing-along to "Glory Days." These are all appropriate responses, right?


emmaleeradley said...

thank the lord sean agnew didn't win! i have hope for this city!

Brianna said...

It makes me feel all fuzzy inside to think that in this economic downturn we could throw a few props to some hot guys working hard for their money (not that the others don't!) and look good doing it. cue mambo movers porn music.

J.A. said...

I'm moving soon and now know who I'm gonna hire! Although they may find it a bit weird when they show up and I'm in an evening gown trying to get them all drunk.

McBends said...

Strangely, I actually participated in a (drunken) feel-good sing-along to Glory Days, recently at a birthday party. Coincidence?

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