December 23, 2008

Reader Submission for Holiday Horror Story: And, The Award For Minimal Effort Goes To...

Wow! If you thought your holiday present was weird or bad, check out this reader submitted story. Thanks, Marleen, for sharing:
I was living with my boyfriend at the time and the holidays were drawing near. I ran around and did all the shopping for my family and friends, leaving the shopping for his side of the family and--of course, me--up to him. One of the gifts I got for him was a coat, and since the weather was getting more wintry, I decided to give it him as an early present. He loved it, of course, since it was the coat he wanted. If memory serves, it was an Adidas jacket.

Afterwards he went out to run an errand and I asked him if on his way back he could pick me up a box of tampons. As this was our first real Christmas together, I went on with my evening, decorating our tree, wrapping presents and getting into the spirit. He came back later that night and said he had forgotten the tampons. I let that slide as I thought that I had a few more to tide me over. Then, he said that it was time for me to unwrap my Christmas present!!! Yay!

And what appeared before me? A box of tampons with a tiny red bow on them. Was this the only gift you ask? NO NO NO, he went and checked the price of the coat, which was a cool $100, and gave me the rest of the cash to make up the difference. He forked that over to me, with a bow on it as well.
Whoa. So, let me get this straight. Homeboy got you a box of tampons and a stack of cash as a holiday present? What is he? A stand-up comedian's wet dream? I can hear it now: "What is the deal with buying presents for your girlfriend? Like, I'd rather just buy her some tampons and give her some cash and go back to watching the game. Who's with me?"

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