December 23, 2008

This Week: Holiday Horror Stories

If you've stepped foot in any store since Halloween, you've probably noticed that the holidays are upon us. Anxiety-filled at every turn, the holidays are a minefield of awkwardness. Office parties, uneven gift exchanges, tense family dinners; these are all opportunities to make an ass out of yourself.

Maybe you made out with that hot intern after three too many eggnogs. Maybe you got the love of your life an iPod and he gave you a coupon book he made himself that's good for "one free hug at anytime" and "one home cooked meal on a night of your choice." Yup, we've been there.

This week, we are going to recount our best (ahem, or worst) holiday horror stories. Do you have a holiday horror story that you still hang your head in shame over? Send 'em on in to us at and take comfort in the fact that the holidays only happen once a year.


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