March 6, 2009

Beer Week Blitz: Who's With Me?

Ales are in the air and suds are in our steins; Philly Beer Week is upon us and of course, we have some things to say about that. The whole shebang starts today and goes until March 15. Boasting over 600 sud-soaked events and with almost 30 brewers participating, it's a straight-up beer bonanza!

But, before you embark on your pub crawls with a troop of your best buds, keep an eye out for these beer bozos. Nothing can ruin a brewboner like these brewbusters. Man, I'm really having fun with these alliterations! Sorry 'bout that.

So, we're gonna talk about all the beer-related beer-tastrophes that we've encountered. Do you have any beer-related dating stories? Send 'em in to us at Hey, the next round is on us.


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