April 23, 2009

You're Looking Good, Philly!

Hey, Philly. Come over here for a second. We want to talk to you.

We've been walking around the past few days and we gotta say, you're looking damn good. We're not sure if you did something new with your hair or if you're wearing a new outfit, but we've been flippin' our shades all Dwayne Wayne-style at you. We're doin' more double takes than William Zabka. Don't blush; we're totally serious!

Yesterday, we saw you revving your motorcycle and when you brushed your hair out of your eyes, our hearts fluttered. We thought about asking if you'd give us a ride around the block as an excuse to twist our arms around your waist and give a little squeeze. We bet your hair smells earthy, like moss. But, we'll never know: we were too shy so we kept walking. We looked back over our shoulder to get one last glimpse of you but, by then, you'd already sped away.

Today we saw you with your dog in the park and we considered cold steppin'. Unfortunately, we were too flustered. I mean, what would we say? "Hi! My name is Shmitten Kitten. What's yours?" Or maybe, "What kind of dog is that? I think my sister has the same one. We're Shmitten Kitten. What's your name?" Oh God, that sounds stupid, right? I don't know. We'll just continue to admire you from afar. Besides, you probably have a girlfriend and she's probably a Tumblr. *kick at the dirt, cross arms and frown*

Philly, we just wanted you to know that we noticed you. Maybe we'll work up the courage to say "hi" next time. We'll keep an emergency flask of Jack Daniels on our person at all times, should such an occasion arise. You can't ever be too prepared.

*In case you noticed us too, we'll be checking the Missed Connections while we are on our lunch break. We can see it already: "You: A blog about dating. Me: The hot City of Brotherly Love on the bike. Us: Drinks?"


Platypus Jones said...

someone had a good day and maybe a little crush too... keep coming with the fried gold, ladies

Anna said...

I have a crush on Philly guys. Seriously! I almost got whiplash, like, ten times today!

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