May 10, 2009

This Week: Qualities That Are Surprisingly Not Bonerkillers

We have a lot of fun talking about the kinds of things guys do that we both love and loathe. You get the gist: we love it when a guy buys us a beer that costs more than $4 and we hate it when a guy wears socks with sandals. Ho hum. That's business as usual.

However, there is a nebulous area of our dating life where we know we should be turned off by a dude's behavior, but we strangely aren't. Blinded by love, we are willing to disregard some serious character flaws that would compel a normal person to run in the opposite direction and bust through a brick wall all Kool-Aid Man-style.

Yes, he's a weed dealer and a Deadbeat Dad, but have you heard his band? They're pretty awesome. You see what we did there? We totally overlooked the obvious red flags because we were focused on his positive aesthetic attributes. That's a fancy way of saying we let some shit slide 'cause we thought he was hot.

We wish we could say that these kind of things are a rare occurrence, but it happens to us all the freakin' time. So, this week we are gonna talk about the strangest qualities that we have overlooked in order to be with a guy. It's gonna be good. What's the craziest detail you've overlooked in a person you were trying to date? Drop us a line at and let us know!


zu said...

While you're at it, here's a killer: spotted a lovely unattached intelligent looking, tall blond at a party and made a quick move with a confident smile and question .. she responded and my heart started to fly as she talked .. until I realized I was being pelted by small dollops of spit that seemed to be emanating from her mouth. I backed up a bit--maybe I was crowding her--an casually held my glass higher to shield myself, but it was no use. I was being showered. I realized two things at once: this is why I'm the only guy talking to her; and it served me right for moving in to meet someone based solely on the exterior package. Luckily, this was before the flue scare ... but it took a while to back out and find a washroom.

Unknown said...

i definitely overlooked a missing front tooth because he was a totally sweetie.

probaby a mistake

Lilja said...

I have a huge boner for my coworker. The strange thing is, I'm pretty sure he's bipolar. One day he acts like he's sweet on me, and the next day he treats me like a leper and barely mutters more than two words to me. I mean, WTF? I should LOATHE him, right? Well I've tried, and it's impossible. I'm totally in love with him!

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