July 30, 2009

Quick Rant: I Don't Care How Little Sleep You Had Last Night

It's like you're not even complaining about your lack of shut eye, but you're also bragging about it. It's a hybrid: You're compragging.

Yes, you saw the sun come up. That's so crazy! You're a crazy guy that stays up late. I get the drift. You're a tired man who likes to tell everyone we run into what little amount of sleep you're running on. As a head's up, you'd make a terrible Energizer bunny. Do you think he'd complain like this? Hell no! He'd just pop in another battery and go on his merry way.

I'll tell you what; take a nap, Sleepy McSleeperson. Naps are free and it will solve both of our problems. Ok. Rant over.


miss bee said...

hahahaahahaha, welcome to the world of dating an architecture student.

Unknown said...

Boy...this is the most boring, self serving, line of conversation ever. So you want me to think that you work all the time and have lots of friends and need to finish all the cool projects you are doing? Great...I think that. Now stop telling me about what time you went to bed last night, I don't want to hear it. That's what my wife is for...she is very good at telling people how little sleep I get. Oh wait...did I just do that?

Excellent post. As you can see I really connected with this one because I've always been annoyed when people tell me about their lack of sleep.

Anna said...

Thanks, Tender. I'm glad you got a kick out of it. That picture of Garfield still cracks me up every time I look at it.

loey said...

ew i HATE when people whine about lack of sleep! BORING!

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