July 10, 2009

Shmitten Kitten Pin-Up Girls: The Center City Chick

Here is the third girl in our Pin-up Girl series drawn by our very own Jenna Davis and seeing as how she's a downtown worker bee, she needs to hustle to run her errands on her lunch break. You can see her breezing by chugging an iced coffee, bopping into MAC to grab some more foundation powder (she knows her shade by heart).

This beauty has a real 9-5 job and she is a total weekend warrior: she starts planning her Friday night on Monday morning. Happy hour is her cat nip. She bops around from bar to bar, sippin' on fancy drinks and complaining to her friends about how all guys she meets are dbags. She loves to walk her dog in Rittenhouse Square so everyone can shower it (and her) with attention. Meet the Center City Chick. Double-click on the image to make her bigger.


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