October 12, 2009

Guess Who Has Two Thumbs, A Blog That Rhymes With "Written Mitten" And Will Speak At Ignite Philly?


That's right, I'll be Powerpointing it up with the best of 'em tomorrow night at Ignite Philly 4. If you haven't heard of it before, it's an event where Philadelphia's movers and shakers give a five minute presentation about the projects they are working on. We're thrilled that we were asked to participate. It'll be held at Johnny Brenda's so you can swig beers while we blow your minds with our advanced slide transitions. Check out the list of the other talented presenters scheduled.

I'm going to do a five minute schpiel about how our site came about, what the reaction has been, and where we see ourselves going. It's basically a fancy version of show and tell. I wanted to kick it off by doing a split on matching black and white BMWs like how Tawny Kitaen does in Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" video, but due to time and budget constraints, it's looking like it'll be a straight up podium job. Whatever. We'll make it work. My presentation will be like if your middle school class picture laser backdrop and the Gettysburg Address mated and it's gonna be radical. Come!

[Update: I just learned that I will be speaking first to kick things off. This will be like the time Metallica opened for Guns 'n' Roses. but cooler.]


Anonymous said...

Good luck Anna!

Anna said...

Thanks, Lauren! xoxo

bianca said...

I will see you tonight! Whitesnake or no Whitesnake, this will rule :)

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