October 4, 2009

Surprisingly Not a Bonerkiller: Guys Who Have A Drunk Alter Ego

We get a kick out of guys with a drunk alter ego. For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is when a usually reserved dude undergoes a personality transformation when he gets sauced and decides to assign a name to the other drunker, wilder side of him; a Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyl, if you will. For some reason, they always give their other halves manly names, like Derek, Biff, Marco or Steve.

When you first see him at the beginning of the soiree, he's sipping his High Life on the sofa like a gentleman. Eight beers later, he's the life of the party, biting into the side of the can a la Teen Wolf. After he's announced to everyone within earshot that "Steve is officially HERE, you assholes," he kicks over a CD tower and starts jockeying for control of the stereo, forcing everyone to listen to AC/DC for the rest of the night. As long as we don't have to clean up his mess, it's pretty entertaining.

The whole thing is basically some Teen Wolf/split personality shit, except instead of genetics causing the howl session, it's the alcohol he's downing. By the end of the night, you have to slide your spatula under him and flip him off the futon he's passed out on. As you put his arm around you to drag him home, he slurs, "Sorry 'bout that. Steve got out of his cage tonight." Haha. He sure did. He sure did.


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