October 1, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Love Black Sabbath

Alright, alright, we've been beating up on guys all week. We figured it was time to balance it out by talking about what we love about them. So we gotta say, we LOVE guys who are Black Sabbath fans. We're getting all giddy just thinkin' about 'em.

It's always the best feeling when we're zipping through his iTunes and see some Black Sabbath mixed in there among The Shins and Grizzly Bear. This homeboy appreciates a serious guitar riff, courtesy of Tony Iommi. As he knows, Black Sabbath pretty much invented heavy metal. He'll karaoke "Fairies Wear Boots" with you and he can appreciate how the lyrics to "War Pigs" are still relevant. He can probably even make a few intelligent observations about that...sober! As a plus, he probably has a cool dad and knows how to change the oil in a car. We bet that he wears cut-offs in the summer, can do a bicep curl, and has an impressive selection of beer koozies with funny/ironic sayings on them.

He's one of the only people in the universe who will appreciate our vintage Paranoid shirt, which we bought off of eBay six years ago. Black Sabbath fans, we tip our hat to you. We'll slow dance to "Changes" with you any day of the week.

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bianca said...

What about dudes who love Iron Maiden?!

Anna said...

I gotta say, I like Black Sabbath WAY better!

fogey said...

Guys who want to slow dance to Changes most likely also air guitar, have smelly cars, and rock soul patches, and often boycott hygiene. A tip o' the hat to a bonerkiller?

Oh, and Sabbath rules!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who loves Sabbath, and Maiden, and he's single! hahaha

But I don't really like Sabbath or Maiden all that much. I'd rather tip my hat to guys who listen to Danzig <3

Anna said...

Actually, Astrid, I was going to write a Tip Our Hats to guys who love the Misfits in a few weeks, closer to Halloween. You'll get a kick out of it, I promise!

Anonymous said...

But I don't like the misfits :( hahaha

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