November 22, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer: A Mix Tape Speed Dating Testimony

Imagine my delight when I received this letter in my inbox this morning:
I just wanna let you know that since the night of October 8, when I reluctantly attended your mix tape speed dating party, I've been hanging out with the same guy that I met at your event.
After two years of bad dates and crappy short term relationships with men with egos the size of China, I have finally met a decent, kind, attractive man who has a huge heart. Who knew all I had to do was attend mix tape speed dating??? I hope you continue these events for other single people in town who have exhausted all of the rotten options in their own social circles. I owe you big time, Anna!!!!

How rad is that? I TOLD you we brought some love to the city. We've taken a break from our mix tape speed dating parties for now, but we're considering starting them up again in the new year. My question: are people still interested in it? I was thinking about doing a Brit-pop night, a Wes Anderson night, a power ballad night, and maybe another '90s alternative night. I'm pretty much open to anything. If we were to do it again, would you come? What would you want to listen to if you did participate? Drop a line to me at or leave a message in the comments and let me know what you're thinking.


swisewoman said...

yes definitely interested in more mix tape speed dating! i had really wanted to go to one of the ones in the first round, but wasn't able to!

please do another round!!

Fritz said...

Mix tape speed dating is how I found this site. I've been wanting to participate since I heard about it but I keep having scheduling problems. Please do more. I really want to go.

Anna said...

Thanks, guys, for your two cents. xoxo

G+G said...

All about speed dating to power ballads!

Unknown said...

I'd definitely come as well! I couldn't make it to the ones this fall, but I keep checking your site hoping that you will have more! Great idea on the Brit+Wes+90's themes. Punk/electro could be cool too.

Amanda said...

You should definitely do more. I wanted to get to the last ones but never had a chance, so I would definitely come.

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