November 21, 2009

Little Known Fact: I Will Judge You Based On Your Ability To Drive A Stick Shift Car

What do Indiana Jones, Batman, James Bond, and the guy who drove the tractor in Aerosmith's "Crazy" video have in common? They all (presumably) know how to drive stick shift cars. And, that's hot. Very hot. I LOVE it when I'm driving with a guy and he's downshifting on turns and zooming through the gears to get to 65 mph.

However, when a guy picks me up and I see that his car is automatic, my heart sinks a little, like I've just learned that he has a hotmail email address or that he has never lived out-of-state. He probably likes Domino's Pizza and thinks that the Transformers movies are good, too. [Wow, that was a baseless, sweeping generalization. Sorry 'bout that.]

It takes initiative to learn stick shifts. And, once you learn it, you'll see that you have more control over the vehicle and it keeps your mind sharper as you drive. Stick shift guys know that the neutral gear is your friend. And, it's always fun to just jam it into second gear once your car is in motion. First gear? Don't need it! That's what I'm talkin' about.

Honestly, I think it freaks some guys out when they see that my car is stick shift. I feel like some part of their subconscious thinks it's unfeminine perhaps? I'm not even going to get into the Freudian implications of a woman jockeying a stick shift with skill (which I'm sure there must be.) I don't know and I don't care. I love my stick shift car and all the guys that can drive it. Vroom vroom, gear shifting straight to my heart.


Fritz said...

Where do I learn to drive stick? I've been wanting to learn since I got my license but there just hasn't been an opportunity. It seems like you either need to know someone who has a manual transmission and doesn't mind a newbie grinding their gears or rent a car and take it to an empty parking lot.

Anna said...

Good question!! My dad me how to do it. I guess learning on a friend's car might be the best option?? I'll let you know if I can think of a better answer.

Unknown said...

this is awesome. :) i totally agree!

@noel - i think the only way you can do it is getting a friend to teach you or check out all the instructional videos online? my dad told me he learned when his sister took drivers' ed and they offered lessons. that was like 30 years ago tho...i doubt anyone still offers that but it doesn't hurt to ask?

Unknown said...

Driving stick and better yet riding motorcycles rocks my world. Let me not forget fixed gear bikes.

tomg said...

Don't frown upon us guys who can't drive stick. I've been wanting to learn for awhile (and my next car may depend on driving one), but there are few people willing to take the time to teach someone who wants to learn. I have a colleague who graciously spent a half hour with me in their Audi TT. I haven't been invited back yet for another lesson. Yikes!

Rebecca said...

I'm from Germany, we all drive sticks (only grandpa in the mercedes has automatic... well, generalization as well, sorry ;) ) It's much more fun! When I'm in the US again I'm sure as hell gonna drive only stick! Nothing better than shifting gears up and down as you are racing through the curves and accelerating out of them!

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