November 15, 2009

We've Seen A Hundred Faces...And We Rocked 'Em All!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night to our first ever dance party at National Mechanics. It was a total blast. It was amazing to stand on the dj riser with headphones on and watch the crowd lose their minds to Chumbawumba while Can't Hardly Wait played on the screen behind me. I could've sworn that I even saw a mosh pit swirl around during "Give It Away." I've never deejayed at a party like this before; controlling the iPod at a house party is the most I've done deejay-wise. But now I understand the appeal of it. Guys were high-fiving me, girls were giving me thumbs ups; it was awesome. And all I did was push a play button!

A huge thanks goes out to Roz, JP, and Kelani from BarCamp Philly for trusting me with the fun-ness of their after-party. A ginormous thanks goes out to DJ Jon Gill for being the Obi-Wan to my Skywalker. He was straight-up radical and I couldn't have done it without him. And, a huge thanks goes to me for having a subscription to Spin magazine during my formative years so that I could slap together a '90s alternative playlist with some authority. I can't wait to do it again soooooon.

[PS: The first person to email me at and tell me where that picture is taken from wins a free set of Shmitten Kittens pins. Good luck!]

[Update: Big ups to Samantha for correctly identifying the photo. It's from Britney's "Crazy" video. Yup, that's Melissa Joan Hart up at the dj booth with her twisty '90s hair. Well done, Sam. Your pins are in the mail.]


LauFri said...
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Unknown said...

Chumbawumba and Can't Hardly Wait? Sounds like my dream come true. Sorry I missed it, but glad you had a blast.

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