December 14, 2009

Bonerkiller: Belly Shirts On A Guy

Oh great. Courtesy of your short shirt, we now have front row seats to your wiry belly hair convention. Ewwwwww.

Unless he's ripped with washboard abs and he's playing a pick-up football game with his buddies on a sunny day, there is NO REASON a grown man should wear a belly shirt. That little strip of man tummy he flashes us when he reaches up to grab a cereal box on top of the fridge makes us cringe so hard that our eyebrows practically bend in half.

Look at that guy over there! He's acting like he's doing us a favor by tossing us a peek at his pale, clammy hips. We don't know if we should turn our heads in horror or bust in with an armpit tickle to teach him a lesson.

Listen all of you midriff exposing men out there, we're not asking for a lot here, just a shirt long enough to cover your body while you take a long stretch.


BradyDale said...

Wait, so even if it's long enough to cross the belt in normal useage we have to also have it long enough so it won't rise up when we reach high?

ugh, veto.

Sorry, I hate the way a shirt looks when it's untucked and hanging halfway down my butt. I guess I'm going to rock the Bonerkiller during the 2% of the day that I'm actually reaching that hard, but the other 98% of the time a shorter tee looks better if you don't tuck.

A and B said...

HAHAHA Could not agree more. Funnily enough, I just wrote a blog about men in sweatpants- God, can you image the combo of sweats and a half top? I would vom. :P

Anna said...

I actually HAVE seen that and, yes, I have almost "vommed." It wasn't my dude THANK GOD, but my roommate's dude. He'd lounge around our apartment looking like a gay vagrant. Grossssss!

Anna said...

Brady, not a SUPERLONG shirt, it just has to be long enough so when you reach up to stretch it doesn't hike up to your nips. Sheesh.

And, you can't veto what turns me off. That doesn't even make sense!

BradyDale said...

I know I can't veto it, that's why it was kinda funny to do it. ha, catch y'all next time.

Anonymous said...

As a gay male who considers himself the expert on sneaking peeks of straight guys when they don't know, I must say, the belly shot is clutch. No belly shirts... but too long and you'd be writing a post about that too!

Stan said...

I'll wear what I want, don't care what you think, if you have a problem with the way someone dresses, don't look at them!

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