December 4, 2009

Quick Rant: Missed Missed Connections

I love reading Craigslist's missed connections and laughing at everyone's love chances gone awry, although I would never think of posting anything partially because I never have any connections with dudes period, so they definitely aren't "missed," and partly because Craigslist freaks me out. I mean, it's basically synonymous with creepy, anonymous hookups, right?

At least, that was my impression until a recent Monday morning when one of my girlfriends sent me a link to a missed connection saying, "Lora, this is totally about YOU!" I clicked the link and sure enough, there was the sweetest little note:
LORA with an "O" I met you briefly outside of Tattooed Mom's on Saturday night when you were locking up your bike. I've never posted a missed connection before but thought you were adorable. Hopefully you remember me. Do you want to get drinks sometime?
Wow. That's kinda cute. My mind is raced; do I reply to this?? I remember this dude and he was pretty cute. I'd even go so far to say charming. And that was a normal enough sounding post. Totally un-creepy, right? And he remembered how to spell my name. My grandmother doesn't even spell my name right! After two days deliberation with my girlfriends, I decided to reply. This was huge for me. I've never done any sort of online dating. Heck, I was too shy to participate in our own incredibly awesome mix tape speed dating parties! And here I was, ready to write to some stranger that I talked to for about 90 seconds.

I proofed my reply more times than my college thesis. Hey! I've never replied to one of these before, but yes I remember you! Drinks would be fun!

And then I left my number. I waited. And waited. And he never called. Ever. Was it the trio of explanation points? Did he think I was yelling at him? Or did I sound creepy? Was he testing to see if I would respond, thereby labeling me desperate if I did? Somebody tell me WTF is the point of posting a missed connection if you have no intention of ever reconnecting? Oh well. At least the whole experience has me laughing even harder at other people's unfortunate missed connections every time I read them. Hmmph!


Eliot Sykes said...

Could it have gone into his spam?

Anonymous said...

This is exact same thing happened to me. I got a MC from a night out at Johnny Brendas a few years ago. A friend of mine spotted it & told me I should respond. I hemmed & hawed about replying, and I finally wrote them a day later. I never heard back.

Katie D. said...

My roommate recently had a missed connection posted about him. I responded for him just for fun. It turns out the guy knows where we live, knows what kind of car he drives, and what kind of dog he has. Super creepy!

Jon K said...

This is exactly why I never reply to the missed connections that have never been posted about me.

Shannon K. said...

i got a MC once... it was after i had been to a show at northstar and this really annoying dude kept bumming into me. i know he was drunk and just trying to talk to me, but intentionally bumping me and then pretending it was unintentional is totally lame. i spent half the show trying to avoid his bumps that made me slosh my beer everywhere. anyway, the next day there was a MC saying "hey, i was the big dude that kept bumping into you! you're really pretty." i never wrote back.

dudes, this is what you do : "hey i'm ______. can i get you a beer?" ta da!

bianca said...


Unknown said...

Check out for philly missed connections.

Anonymous said...

this just bummed me, so hard. i hope HE just got nervous to write YOU back, and that he will eventually. sigh.

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