December 28, 2009

Real Talk: Philly Will Date You, New York Will Hate You

Ladies, real talk.

Dudes in Philly are kind of awesome. Broke, yes, but awesome. If you don't believe me, try dating dudes in New York.

When we lived in Philly we were knee deep in hot dudes all trying to be our boyfriend. In New York, forget that noise. Brooklyn dudes might have the same beards and beer bellies as your average Fishtowner, but they don't get a simple fact. You gotta LOCK IT DOWN.

At a recent party in Philly, we were pleasantly surprised by all the marriages, babies and engagements in a room full of 20- and 30-somethings. Guys in New York don't think they have to settle down 'til they're pushing 45 and can no longer get a 23-year-old girl to take them home.

So give some love to the Philly guys who might not have a job, an apartment of their own, or even a bed, but who are more than happy to call you their girl.

Julie G is our new NYC correspondent. As a former Philly resident, she knows what's up. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.


Unknown said...

Great stuff, Julie G. keep up the good work!!

bianca said...

Great article! So glad to have you on board.

PS: The fact that there are men legitimately *less* committal than some of the shady dudes in P-town sends fear into my naive little heart.

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