December 7, 2009

Sexy Ragtag Dude: Ralph Stollenwerk

Who he is:
As owner of a shirt and poster screenprinting shop called--what else--Awesome Dudes Printing, Ralph aka PinkBikeRalph, has been classing up the joint around here for a while. He runs an intellectual messageboard Crucial Brutal, which is about bikes, bands, and boobs, and sings for the band El Toro De Oro.

Sit down because there's more. He also is captain of the Brutaltron bicycle club and a mummer with the Mollywoppers N.Y.B. Really, does it get more quintessentially Philly than that?

Why you should vote for him:
LL Cool R. Do you blame them? Having him smile at you feels like slipping into a warm tub of maple syrup. Just trust us, it feels niiiiiice.


Unknown said...

If you've ever ridden your bike behind him, you'd know he has the best butt in the city, too!

Shannon K. said...

BOOM. had a crush on this one since he printed our beer coozies about a year ago. got my vote!

Jenna Davis said...

on the campaign trail for my favorite philly rag tag bro, RALPH!...WOULD, oh wait...DID.

Unknown said...

POINTS! haha

Mackenzie said...

RALPH! RALPH! RALPH! RALPH! RALPH! (chanting...duh!)
he rules!!!!!

Shawn Scarwars said...

I vote pro-Ralph.

J. Benson Fong said...


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