January 7, 2010

Bonerkiller: Your Weird Daytime Errands

It's a great feeling when we finally hook-up with a dude we've been working on for a while. However, dealing with him in the harsh light of day exposes a whole 'nother side to his character. Usually, that side has errands to run. Lots of 'em. And, they're weird. And inconvenient. And boring.

But, we cheerfully agree to go on them anyway because we're foolish. We think, "Oh, great! We're gonna spend some daytime time together LIKE A REAL COUPLE." However, after we bop around with you to the DMV to renew your expired license, to a friend's house on the other side of town to retrieve some boxes you left in their basement, and to your old job to pick up a tax form, we realize that we do not enjoy your company. At all.

The nighttime version of you was charming, carefree, and witty. The daytime version of you is unorganized, skittish, and ill-prepared. That's like some Cinderella shit right there. Your coach has just turned into a pumpkin, buddy. It's official: We hate being in your life. We think it dawned on us somewhere around the time you haggled with the DMV agent because with no birth certificate and no electric bill as proof of residence, you couldn't prove you legally existed.

And, if we were on the fence with how we felt about you up to this point, when you asked us to borrow $5 for lunch, well, that's what sealed the deal. 


JP Toto said...

That's fair. But I would argue that this situation is roughly analoguous to following our respective ladies around all day through various and sundry boutiques. We have to put up with hours upon hours of directionless browsing, arguing with store clerks over sizes and availability, and finally, being asked the dubious and perilously un-answerable question, "Do I look fat in this?"

Just sayin.

Anna said...

Ahaha! TRUE!

But, I've had at least two guys who I fawned over the night before burst their fawn bubble by going on these stupid daytime errands with me. I'm starting to think that they just hooked up with me solely because they needed the ride.

Anonymous said...

"I'm starting to think that they just hooked up with me solely because they needed the ride."
This does not mean what it sounds like?

Anna said...

HAHA! I'm enjoying that unintentional double entendre.

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