January 26, 2010

Flippin' Our Shades: Y-Rock on XPN Dudes

Thursday, February 24, 2005 was a dark day for music lovers because Y100.3, Philly's only alternative rock radio station, went off the air. A few passionate people were determined to keep the music alive. And, after years of transition, Philly now has yrockonxpn.org, an online radio station which straight-up rocks, both literally and figuratively. As professed radio deejay admirers, we love the fact that the dudes that host the show are so pumped about the music that many of them deejay for free. And, these dudes are hot AND funny. Check out excerpts from our interview with three of 'em below:
SK: Does being a deejay/radio host impress the ladies?
Reid: Are you asking me out?
Billy: Usually they're already so impressed by my fresh-pressed slacks that by the time we get to the deejay/host topic, it's hard to tell if it does anything for them.

SK: What would you put on a mix tape for a girl?
Billy: Clearly, Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" from the Karate Kid II soundtrack would be involved. A Philly favorite, G. Love's "Gimme Some Lovin'" would get thrown in as well. We've been spinning a track recently called "Dream About Me" by The Depreciation Guild, which would certainly stir some romantic emotions on a mixed tape for a love interest.
Reid: Jeff Buckley always finds his way on to my mix tapes. If I’m feeling nostalgic, Neutral Milk Hotel. ELO is good too.
Andre: I'd have to get a read on what she likes. Then I'd sprinkle in some Bowie.

SK: Do any female fans ever write in asking you out or try to bribe you for tickets?
Reid: We have a great fan base who enjoy the music first. As sexy as every last one of us Y-Rock deejay’s are, that hasn’t happened…yet. Now the flocks of female fans outside the studio are a different story.
Billy: My female fans are typically sooo into the music I'm playing that they are too distracted to type a write-in ask out. At least that's what I like to think.
Andre: Actually, one listener was very creative. She Photoshopped me into the poster for Eagle vs. Shark, a movie I've mentioned my love for on-air. It won her my gratitude and respect. But no tickets.
SK: Describe the perfect Philly first date.
Billy: Of course, we'd have to take that duck bus/boat thinger around. Then eat a cheesesteak and curse at a TV together while watching the Eagles lose. To top it off, I'd bring her back to my place and pop in my Fresh Prince CD. From there, anything's possible.
Reid: I'd take her to Ortlieb's because it's the perfect mix of music and conversation. They have good food too.

SK: Tell us a secret!
Reid: When I’m on air, I don’t wear pants.
Billy: I'm dating Gwen Stefani. Don't tell Gavin. He'd rip off my head and replace it with a machine.

SK: What is the biggest mistake guys make in dating?
Billy: Now, this mistake doesn't happen all too often but it is a BIG mistake that I have seen severely crush some of my friends chances in the very infancy of their relationship: Moving too fast and trying to get ultra-serious prematurely. Generally speaking, this is dating disaster and seen as a turn-off by girls.
Reid: It’s a tie: Trying to woo a girl with a mix tape / mimic something you saw in a movie, unless it’s Swingers of course. It’s money baby, every time.
Andre: Probably getting to know someone too much too soon, and also overthinking.

SK: What is the worst thing a girl can do on the first date?
Billy: For the love of everything holy, put your phone away.
Reid: Repeatedly text in front of me. Once or twice is ok, but c’mon. Aren’t you going to call your bff at the end of the night anyway?
Andre: The worst thing anyone, girl or guy can do on the first date, is to try too hard to be anything other than oneself. Otherwise, it just feels awkward and stilted.
So, there you have it! What did we learn? Don't text too much while wearing slacks sprinkled with David Bowie. Or something. You can ogle all of them here. Thanks, fellas!


Anonymous said...

Cool post! And I couldn't agree more with the fellas' opinions of text messaging on a date. Could a worse dating foul than texting during a conversation exist?

Anonymous said...

i'm hooked. def checking out yrockonxpn.org. and one more vote for put the phone away. don't care if you're a guido or a guidette, it doesn't get anymore greasy than that.

bianca said...
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Anonymous said...

Patty, both Y-Rock and XPN are awesome stations. You'll certainly enjoy!

Lora said...

PS - These guys were sooooo awesome!! I wish I could have included everything they said b/c it was all hilarious. Eric Schuman is another hunky host that didn't get to participate, but he did let us now that he has a music crush on Regina Spektor, and that's just ADORABLE. Thanks to all the yrock hosts for being so cool :)

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