January 16, 2010

Philly, Your Kiss Is On Our List

The ungodly amount of pink-foiled chocolates and heart balloons bombarding us at every corner drug store tipped us off: It's almost Valentine's Day. And, if you're single, that means that it's almost time to crinkle your nose as you realize that your love life is as fertile as a sand trap. You console yourself with the thought that it's just a Hallmark holiday concocted by restaurants and florists to shake couples down for cash--those capitalistic bastards!

However, if you're us, you'll see it as a time to not give a fuck and embrace your inner red hot. We're throwing a V-Day Dance Par-tay on Sat., Feb. 13th Upstairs at the Khyber. Click on the image to see the FB page.

On the 1s and 2s, we'll have:
ALXS spinnin' mood setters
Jennacide blastin' fist pumpers
Goy Toy wowing with lid flippers
Roland Cassard, Diamond Dealer swayin' with Brit-poppers
Come! Let's love love, together.


Anna said...

I'm DJ Goy Toy! (shhhhhh!)

Phil said...


I will be driving up, so have your dancing shoes ready! I will be doing backflips and fist pumps.

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