January 11, 2010

Tip Our Hats: Hot Hobby Havers

Let's be realistic here, most of us aren't going to end up dating a hot guy with a job that makes him sexier. We can dream all we want about office dalliances with Don Draper, but if we meet a rich, hot businessman, he'll probably end up being more like Patrick Bateman than our fave Mad Man.

Even if homeboy spends his days doing data entry, the best we can hope for is that he has some radical hobbies to compensate for his ho hum day job. We've dated too many dudes whose nights consist of watching sports, drinking beer, and googling dirty jokes instead of diving into an exciting, creative endeavor. Get the memo: 2010 is all about boys with hot hobbies. We are looking forward to saying things like, "Is that a DSLR camera around your neck? What did I hear you say about deejaying a '60s soul party last weekend? And, are you really on an intramural rugby team just for fun?"

Our first date might be going downhill faster than Snooki in a bar fight as you throw around words like allocate, collateral, and synergy. But as soon as you mention the art exhibition your painting will be featured at next month, our heart starts to race. Keep it up, my part-time Picasso!

So, hot hobby havers, we tip our hats to you. We love the fact that rather than practice your best Al Bundy on the couch during your downtime, you're doing what you love and making it look good.


Phil said...

This totally works both ways. It doesn't even have to be a hot hobby. It can be a totally nerd hobby like painting metal figurines in your basement. As long as she's passionate about something, that's what's important.

Anna said...

*says the guy that paints metal figurines in his basement*

Lauren Grant said...

so phil do you want to go LARPing with me this weekend?

Phil said...

I do not paint metal figurines, but I am down to go LARPing with you anytime.

Rad said...

So true, especially a nerdy, self taught hobby. Even better if he's like a sensitive looking intellectual with dreamboat hair who is awesome at DIY home projects. Or a sensitive-looking intellectual type with brilliant and cerebral passions.

bianca said...

Cool hobbies rule.

My ex used to make replica props and that was pretty cool.. except when he would become extremely annoying about it. But overall-- who doesn't dig someone who has an honest interest in something?

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