March 15, 2010

I Love Love Love: When Guys Let Me Wield The Remote Control

This is probably one of the coolest things a guy can do for free: just let me command the remote control while we watch TV together. It's even more radical when he doesn't care what we watch and defers to me and my occasional low-brow tastes. It's a small gesture, but if you've ever watched TV with a control freak, you'll appreciate it when a guy just backs the fuck off and lets you channel surf.

At first, I test him a bit. I watch his face as I hover on a recent episode of Tool Academy. There's no reaction. Shit, he doesn't even care if I watch crappy VH-1 reality shows! I think I've struck jackpot as far as TV watching companions go. After a few minutes, I switch to Millionaire Matchmaker. He just laughed at one of Patti's jokes! This is magical.

So, guys that just hang out and let me take the TV lead, thank you. It's amazing. After years of prissy TV show naysayer wardens, having a guy chill the fuck out and watch a mini-marathon of Throwdown with Bobby Flay with me is like getting a foot massage without anyone touching my feet.


Anonymous said...

I knew I was doing something right! Being subjected to Rock of Love, Celebrity Rehab, I Love Money, Tool Academy, Millionaire Matchmaker and on and on..

Cline said...

As long as women realize there's a reason God invented other channels (to avoid commercials), I'll cede control.

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