April 23, 2010

Things I'm Terrible At: Turning Down My Bud Light Dude

From our reader, Tara, who really hates Bud Light. And crummy guys. But not necessarily guys that drink Bud Light. Interesting.
Now THIS was a true party animal
Here are my thoughts about Bud Light: I hate it. It tastes watery and unappealing. I have one bottle once a year when I go to like, a friend's sister's barbecue and it's all normals; the men mill around and gab about sports and the girls mill around and compare engagement rings.
That is when I'll have my annual Bud Light and that is when I'll take one sip, abandon it on a random picnic table and walk away because it tastes like shit.

THAT IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS DUDE. We hook up once a year and it's NEVER GOOD. He gets too drunk and falls asleep every time! I don't know why I keep coming back for more, much less agreeing to it. Is it out of boredom? Familiarity? The hope that maybe this will be the year that he learns how to make out like a pro? I don't know; maybe he bought a book on it? WHO KNOWS?
It's like why I keep watching Entourage: I wonder if it's gonna get better. But it hasn't. And, it won't because Vince is a bore, E is a high-strung munchkin and Turtle is a pussy.
 I don't have anything to add, but I appreciate the opportunity to run a pic of Spuds MacKenzie (RIP).


Fuck My Dating Life said...

Haha this is amazing and hilarious. I think we all have a person like this...

dani said...

Fuck my dating life: you are the same stats as me, minus the rat thing. your blog description = my life. even my boyfriend has determined if he doesnt work out with me, crazy cat lady land here i come...

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