May 10, 2010

I Love Love Love Lawn Wranglers

OG Lawn Wranglers
I wanna make a tall, refreshing pitcher of lemonade for all the guys out there they do yard work on their lawns because they look SO CUTE stomping around and fixing up their house.

"Oh yeah. Spread that mulch around, baby. Clip those hedges. Trim that bush. Ride that mower round and round. Keep going. Don't stop!"

His clothes are sticky with sweat from doing heavy labor all morning. It doesn't matter because he's wearing the rattiest outfit he owns; he knew he was gonna get dirty. He banked on it.

And, I gotta say, those Umbro shorts he's sporting are practically clinging to his waist for dear life. They look pretty haggard from years of sweeping up leaves, clearing fallen branches, and cleaning out rain gutters. He's rockin' thick work gloves so he looks like a dingy version of Mickey Mouse. When he stops to wipe the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand and smiles at me, my heart melts into a puddle. That's my man gettin' grimy and it's adorable!

I'm sitting on the porch with my face my hands watching him grunt around in the grass like a caveman and all I can think about is poppin' that sweaty tee off when he's done and pushing him into a cold shower. Rawr.


charmaine said...

This does NOT apply to Farmville.

Anonymous said...

I spent this past Saturday painting the benches & mulching the beds at Powers Park in Port Richmond for love your park day.

They had soft pretzels, water, and tea for get up and go. Lemonade served by you would've been real good.

Allan Smithee

Anna said...

I would've been flippin' my shades like Diamond Dave.

Simone... said...

You win a prize for that Bottle Rocket picture. That prize is my undying admiration.

Dave_oH! said...

I have been doing lawn service since I was 15, I am 27 now. Where are more women like you!! haha

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