June 16, 2010

I Love Love Love Nicknamers

From our reader Steph(anie), who likes it when a guy takes control and abbreviates her name:
I love it when a guy feels comfortable enough to call me by my nickname. When I introduce myself to a new dude, I usually say some variation of, "Oh, hi! I'm Stephanie. Nice to meet you." But I love it when right away, he feels that he can call me Steph.

We'll enjoy a fun evening out with our mutual friends and before the night's over we'll exchange info. Even after we've known each other for a while, I still sign my emails to him as "-Stephanie." And I love it when he replies, "Hey Steph."

Did I give him permission to call me Steph? No! Only my nearest and dearest friends call me that. But if he's ballsy enough to drop the Steph-bomb, I'll go with it. It lets me know that he's confident and he feels comfortable with me; all good things in my book.

Now, if he starts calling me Stephie, then we'll have a problem.
This happened to me the other week when I met a guy and he started calling me "Anna Banana" right off the bat. I felt closer to him as soon as he said it because that's my nickname with my friends. It piqued my interest, shall we say.

On a side note, "Anna Banana" is also my Garbage Pail Kid name. See?

In an irony of ironies, I hate bananas


citygal said...

I love this! But when the guy starts giving me pet names, then we have a problem!

Anonymous said...

Usually, I hate this and get all "who does he think he is! He doesn't know me!" Because I'm sure I say things like that all the time in real life. Regardless, I've recently I've come around and grown to appreciate the unauthorized "Kel"s (my name is Kelly)and find them to be quite sweet and endearing.

Anonymous said...

Flipside: all my friends call me Liz, but this adorable guy I've been talking to ALWAYS calls me Elizabeth. I kind of love that it's more formal and it makes me feel like he enjoys taking the time to pronounce my entire name. Plus I love hearing him say it. swooooon

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