June 21, 2010

I Love Love Love Winkers

From our honegirl, Colleen, who appreciates a good wink. I said WINK, not wank, you dirty birds.
My usual walk down the West Philly streets to work consists of looking as incognito as possible: my face is shielded behind a pair of large sun-specs, I walk as fast as the wind like I have somewhere urgent to be, and I have a face as serious as a funeral. These measures are all in an effort to avoid the embarrassment of being hit on by some of the less savory characters who frequent the sidewalks near my employer. Sorry, there'ss nothing flattering about a gentleman with track marks and crotch stains asking you if you have a boyfriend.

About a week ago, I was doing my intense, laser-like walk down the sidewalk when my eyes briefly landed on a man sitting in a PennDot truck. He winked and flashed me a smile. I continued my trot, but started to feel a smile of my own creep up on my face.

I was just winked at! In a world where women are accosted in sometimes outrageous and rude ways just to get attention by strangers who want God-knows-what, it was a sweet and gentle gesture. With one wink, this guy communicated to me, "Hey, pretty lady! You're lookin' good!" without so much as a word (and more importantly, without skeeving me out.)

So guys, take a moment to reintroduce the wink into your repertoire. If done right, it will get your point across perfectly.
Actually, I'm usually the one that does the winking. It's cute to watch him react; he looks like he just found a five dollar bill on the ground.


JP Toto said...

At first I thought this was going to be winkers on Match.com or OkCupid. Because that's fucking annoying.

Amanda said...

If a guy can pull off winking without looking like he has an unfortunate facial tic, he's pretty much golden.

jimmy said...

i've only got one eye... i always wink.

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