July 28, 2010

Boxerdropper: I Will Think Your Crummy Car Is Kind Of Charming

Good news: I'm not a car snob. I'll hold for applause.

I'm picky about a lot of things guys do, but this is one area of his world that I'll let some serious shit slide. Sure, it's a bonus if his car is as clean and and pleasant-smelling as a box of Orbit gum but it's not mandatory. Therefore, I will be a great girlfriend because I'll never give him shit about his funky ride.

It's so cute how he bashfully apologizes that his car is wack, but I seriously don't care. I'm pumped that he even showed up to take me out, I'm not gonna quibble about how the engine rumbles or that the glove compartment won't close.

Honestly, I'll think it's cute that he has to rig up his busted ride. I'll smile at how he needs a fork to tear out tapes that get stuck in the cassette player or jiggle the door handle for my side to open.

And, as an added bonus, he'll sorta look like the Fonz when he pounds the dashboard with his fist to get the AC to work. It's pretty wild how everything needs to be coerced into working properly. As long as his car's not smelly, I'm cool. Huzzah!


roboconcept said...

And ladies, drive one of those fucking cubic scions? I won't even get in, dealbreaker. ugh.

In fact, drive a car from after the year 2000 and expect me to have serious doubts about your ability to evaluate the quality of anything.

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