July 9, 2010

I Love Love Love Guys That Give Me A Buck to Pick Out Songs On The Jukebox

I gotta hand it to him, the way he just tucked a dollar in my hand and said, "Go play some songs for me," made me want to:

a. Buy a Trapper Keeper on eBay
b. Buy a Bic ballpoint pen
c. Wait for the Trapper Keeper to come in the mail
d. Open the package up
e. Write his initials, a plus sign, then my initials using the ballpoint pen on the Trapper Keeper
f. Draw a heart around our initials
g. Clutch the Trapper Keeper against my chest and sigh heavily

Forget the Dollar Value Menu at Mickey D's: this right here is the real value deal. For only a dollar and a simple request, he gets to be in my daydreams for the next week. It was fun to pick out songs that I thought he'd like. And, it was fun to come back to my seat and see his face light up each time one of "my/his" songs came on. It was fun all around. Gimme another buck! I wanna do it again!

If you had a buck to spend to impress your date, what three songs would you pick?

[In case you're wondering: I picked "1969" by The Stooges, "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding" by Elvis Costello, and "Fade to Black" by Metallica. Btdubs, the alternate title of this post should be Boxerdropper: I Am AWESOME At Spending Your Dollar On The Jukebox.]


Rommel said...

My dude is a big Iggy Pop fan so whenever he gives me a couple of bills for the jukebox (which is often because he knows that I LOVE it) I always reserve one of my 3 songs for "The Passenger". Jukebox money = swoon attack for me too.

typical guy said...

I'd give you a buck..but I'd be disappointed if I just got music.

Anna said...

good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

motorvatin - hanoi rocks
rip this joint - stones
under my wheels - alice cooper


i want you to want me - cheap trick

Mallory P. said...

It's usually some bizarre mix of Link Wray, Billy Squier, and the Allman Brothers because I'm usually drunk by the time I'm picking out songs, making my attention span very short and making proper song selection akin to a crow spotting something shiny.

emily s said...

But you know what sucks? Guys that hover around you asking what you're going to play, when you are minding your own biz trying to put your own money in the jukebox.

typical guy said...

Hey Emily! since I can't ask ya at the jukebox... what ya gonna play?

Lora said...

also annoying are the guys who insist on picking the music. I dated a guy who would leave me at the bar for like 10 minutes while he picked his tunes, then he would get mad if I talked while his songs were on. Also, the guys that don't want to leave a bar until their song comes on are the worst, even though there's like $20 worth of music picked out before its his turn.

Anna said...

Haha, Lora! SO TRUE!

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