July 9, 2010

Things I'm Terrible At: Understanding What His Job Is

He's explained his job responsibilities to me in detail, but I still have no clue what he does. When he talks about it, he uses words like "product integration", "assessment", and "multi-platform coordination." My eyes glazed over just typing that.

Here's what I do know:
  • He works in an office on the outskirts of town
  • He has a desk
  • He has a boss
  • He has meetings
  • He attends training sessions every six months
  • He has co-workers 
  • He wears nice pants to work
I feel like even if I were to shadow him at work for a day, I'd still have no clue what he did. I'd be like, "So, you check your email, refill your coffee constantly, then dick around on messageboards every few hours when you get bored, right?"

And, he'd say, "Yeah, pretty much. And, we have cake about once a week."

Besides those things, I have no idea what else it involves. I couldn't even pinpoint what field he works in. It's seems vaguely medical? Maybe it's tied to Internet commerce? Or maybe it's more in the development field? Is that a thing? I don't even know.


Matt said...

I get this all the time. Even some of my older friends don't know what I do.

I internally wince when I get asked about it, because there's no one-word answer. Typically, 30 minutes after a complicated explanation, no one remembers anyway. Not that I mind. Work is just something I do to so I can live.

citygal said...

Perhaps this is why I'm biased and tend to date dudes in my same profession. That, and other jobs seem boring to me. Unless the guy is a chef - I love to eat.

typical guy said...

Actually I'm real curious what the head kitten herself does to pay the rent. Please tell us...so we can forget.

Phil said...

I just tell them I work at an ad agency and yes, it's exactly like Mad Men.

Julia said...

I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months, I know who he works for, what his degree is in and besides that, I know he has daily meetings at 10am and since he works on cable he has a TV in his office and watches ondemand all day.

Anonymous said...

I know i'm totally late to the shmittenkitten party, but I love this blog!

This is me whenever my boyfriend explains his thesis. Something about physics and destroying light information in black holes... maybe? He explains all this physics stuff very well, too. It's just a lot. Like, a lot a lot. My little sociology brain starts daydreaming about Carl Sagan.

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