July 22, 2010

I Love Love Love Guys Who Wear Faded '90s Indie Shirts

This guy is the real deal. You can tell by his shirt. It's faded and thin from years of wash 'n' wear. You can barely make out the Guided By Voices logo unless you squint.

The good news: he throws KILLER barbecues with tons of fancy beer in the fridge and will be more than happy to grill up veggie burgers for the non-meateaters in attendance. The bad news: he probably has long-standing commitment issues. Sad trombone noise.

He most likely played the Silver Jews on his college radio show. He probably thought Kelley Deal was hot before she had a heroin habit. He'll still talk about seeing Neutral Milk Hotel at a Merge Records showcase at CMJ. I'd bet he even went to one of the original Lollapaloozas, back when it was a sweaty freakshow traveling around the country replete with pierce tents and henna tattoo booths.

That's probably where he picked up that shirt. Or, maybe he snapped it up when the band played his hometown the summer after his sophomore year. Or maybe he ordered it from the record label and had it sent to him directly. (I used to do that.)

You can tell that it wasn't eBayed. It wasn't a hand me down. He sought this shirt out when he was a '90s indie snob and it's his favorite shirt, surviving dozens of moves and countless girlfriends. I mean, he bought that shirt before email was invented. It's practically his second skin. And, it's awesome. I can overlook his flaws because when he plays Superchunk as we make blueberry muffins from scratch on a sunny Sunday morning, it makes my heart smile.


typical guy said...

Uh any dude that can keep a shirt clean that long must be livin in a bubble.

Sarah said...

What wouldn't I give to have a guy who put on Superchunk ever, especially for baking music

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