July 11, 2010

Phrases I SAY That Guys Wanna Stab In The Face: "I'm So Lucky That I Met You"

Fuck my luck (FML)
We'll be in staring into each other's eyes, totally psyched about our newfound love when I'll confide, "I'm so lucky that I met you." I'll lean in for a kiss and he'll get a panicked look in his eyes. Apparently, he did not want to be "me lucky charm" as leprechauns say.

I'm not sure why my declaration of good fortune bummed him out, but it has. No guy has ever said, "Awwww, babe! I'm so lucky that I met you too" back to me. Not ever. Not once.

This phrase is like if a black cat walked under a ladder then broke a mirror when it was on the 13th floor to me; I've cursed myself by telling him what a blessing he's been.

In fact, in a cruel twist. he'll usually end it pretty soon after I acknowledge how much I love that "it" is even happening. I was just trying to be cute and say something sweet! Dubbayouteeeff?

Now, I'm terrified about mentioning luck at all because it's brought me nothing but bad luck to acknowledge my good luck. I feel like my life is a stanza in the Jabberwocky; it makes no fucking sense.


Matt said...

Weird. 9 times outta 10, hearing this leaves me feeling frabjous.

typical guy said...

yea I'm starting to think this kitty is "not like the others"

Anna said...

No duh.

Ichael said...

How soon are you saying these words? It can feel a little needy or presumptuous, like you're not patient enough to really get to know the person and find out how the chemistry works out with him. Hearing this phrase may indicate to him that you have already placed specific hopes and expectations on someone who is otherwise just enjoying your time together and feeling things out. Not saying that you do, it just might come across that way. Might want to hold off on applying all that butter and syrup until your hotcake has been cooked on both sides.

Anonymous said...

What if, after hearing you declare this, he paused..................... and then told you he was madly in love with you? Would that freak you out? Would that be too much too soon? Would it be the greatest thing ever? You mention "newfound love" so is this a way of saying "I love you" without actually saying it?

If a girl I was really into said this to me, I would be moving this party to my bed ASAP!!!

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