September 23, 2010

Reader Submitted Phrases We'd Like To Stab In The Face: "You're Amazing But..."

From Jess, who is amazing. That's it; she's amazing! No "but" needed. 
Now, THAT'S an amazing butt!
After two months of this dude being hot and heavy for me, he texts me letting me know he needs a break. Within said text message was the phrase, "You're amazing but..." There shouldn't be a but after that. This is so mind numbingly fucked up on so many levels. It comes off as so patronizing. I am amazing, you don't need to tell me that. Also, if I am so amazing why are you texting me that you need a break?

While I'm here, could we start a "Behaviors I'd Like To Stab In The Face" series ,because texting important relationship updates is definitely one of them.

I wish I could say he was young or whatever but at 35, this grown ass man should know better, right?
Yikes. The only thing amazing about him is how amazingly stupid he sounds. Well, I don't know him. Maybe he was a nice guy. You clearly liked him for a reason. But, that whole break business? What are you, a Kit Kat? He's all, "Gimme a break," and you're like, "Whaaaaa?" That break stuff is some bullshit right there. Nah, fuck it. He sucks.


Zack said...

Amen on the texting. Anything more important than "hey babe, I'm running late" deserves a stab in the face.

And yeah, FUCK breaks!

Jilly B said...

Ughhh.. I got the text on Monday "You're lovely but..". This man was 33 years old, how does Philly have so many man-babies?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I got the dreaded "Hey I had a great time with you yesterday, but..." It's always such an upsetting and unsettling text. We had the perfect date, too. We went to Old City to check out some art, saw the Late Renoir exhibit and then ended at a restaurant in Northern Liberties. Texting is always a terrible way to deal with your feelings. If you are seeing someone else or have lost interest be a man, grow some balls, and pick up the damn phone and call! I'll be upset but I'll have a lot more respect.

Anonymous said...

THIS JUST HAPPENED TO ME a mere 3 weeks ago. Except that exact line was said to my face. In a car while I was driving. Better or worse?

Melissa said...

I am a victim of "you're perfect for me, but..."


Rebecca said...

Yeah, I had a strangely familiar feeling when reading this! 32 year old guy who was gonna leave the country (!!) 2 weeks later, and who I just wanted to share a few hours with before he did so (almost been there the night before, different story). So his answer on my text from the next day: "Postponed or abandoned?" started with "you're really great, but..." Hey, I wasn't gonna marry you, but still remember the chemistry from last night? Idiot....

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