October 11, 2010

Little Known Fact: I Will Not Watch Human Centipede With Him No Matter How Many Times He Asks

I promise you that I will hate this film
"--it's a film about--"
"--a scientist--"
"--who surgically--"
"--three people--"
"--to form a human centipede."
"Nope. Never. No way. No how."
"Come on! It'll be fun."
"NO! Quit asking me. I will never watch this film with you. Ever."


kmsyes said...

it was decided this weekend that the first centipede would be the best position to be in

Anonymous said...

was there any question as to what would be the best position??

Andrew G. said...

My girlfriend actually brought up watching this movie without me ever suggesting it, which is what makes her totally awesome and me totally lucky.

Unknown said...

I saw this diagramed in comic style when the movie was first reviewed by Ebert. That made the whole thing "come to life."

Unknown said...

That's how I feel about "Mash."

Jenna Davis said...

True story!!

Samantha said...

I just downloaded this movie a week ago and and I've yet to nut up and watch it.

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