October 14, 2010

Quick Rant: His Chronically Full Voicemail Box

I don't like how his voicemail box is always full. What the hell? It's not like I was interested in leaving a message, but hearing the robotic lady tell me that his mailbox is full gets on my nerves. It's like having his phone slam a door in my face. I can't leave a voicemail message? But, what if I want to? YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME, ROBOT LADY.

What, is he too busy to listen to 'em? Too unconcerned with the things people need to tell him? Sorry he couldn't give a fuck about his voicemails. It's like he's giving people who call him a huge, beefy middle finger. 

It's not a full-on bonerkiller, but it makes me do a smirk 'n' jerk because it's the audio equivalent of seeing his overflowing hamper or his sink filled with dirty dishes. GET YOUR (phone) HOUSE IN ORDER, DUDE! Erase that shit, son.


Anonymous said...

Oh god, I hate this. I dated a gal who was the same way. Voicemail full since 1973, even her friggin' email was full. Hello?! Get a damn gmail account already, you couldn't fill that shit up if you tried. If she didn't pick up the phone, there was no way in hell to reach her.

Helen said...

My brother does this. When asked why he simply replies "I hate voicemail". Very annoying, especially on his birthday.

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